Shanghai Huapu Cable

Production Equipment

In order to adapt the marketing and self-development demand, Shanghai Huapu cable Co.,ltd successively introduced world class production and inspection equipment, such as M85 Rod Drawing Machine by NIEOHOFF, Germany.,RFS6304 section rigid frame stranded by poutier, France. Triple Co-Extrusion and curing line and ф150 sheathing machine by Maillefer Nokia. Core Calefaction, on-line insulation eccentricity measuring device by Sikora. Partial discharge testing facilities by Haefely, Switzerland and HIPO, USA ect.

Each products equipment is responsible by the experienced aircraft, providing reliable guarantee for the products quality.

Our products has the round copper wire, bare wire, aerial cable, power cable, controlling cable, BV, flame retardant, fire-resistant, Halogen-free low smoke series cable, special cable, wind power cable, environmental cable, Charging cable, there are more than 10 categories, nearly 10000 specifications.

Base on the environment of domestic and international market, We provide the products to the world with the first–class management, first-class equipment, first-class technology and first-class quality. “Huapu” provide the reliable products and satisfied service to the customers.


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